Terms and Conditions

1. www.booth-events.com reserve the right to charge the full agreed price if cancellation happens 72 hours prior to the booking date as specified on the booking form, and also if any of the terms and conditions contained here are not met on the day of the event

2. If  www.booth-events.com fail for any reason to carry out the agreed terms of the contract/booking form their liability will be limited to a full refund of any monies paid.

3. The hirer agrees to accept to pay www.booth-events.com for any damage to our booth or the equipment contained within or outside the booth that may be caused by the hirer or their guests, up to and including the full costs of repair or replacement of any items damaged

4. www.booth-events.com reserve the right to refuse entry to the photobooth to any person who in their opinion is unfit through drink or who’s behavior is deemed to be unsuitable or dangerous, if at anytime the attendant/attendants feel threatened by the behaviour of the hirers or their guests the photo booth will be closed down and removed with no refund of charges given.

5. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when using the booth

6. It may be necessary to change the paper and ink during a hire, the client agrees that this is a necessary interruption and www.booth-events.com will add any time lost carrying out this task to the hire period

7. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that a suitable area at least 3m x 2m x 2m in close proximity to an electrical socket, as stated on the booking form is made available for the erection of the photo booth, at no times will electrical cables be trailed across any type of floor, and this includes this area being safe for the spreading out of equipment during erection and dismantling of the booth.  www.booth-events.com will not accept any claim for damages or injury incurred if a suitably safe area is not provided for the erection and operation of the Photo Booth. www.booth-events.com will only build the photo booth in one location free of charge. if after partial or full building of the photo booth we are asked to move location then a charge of £50 will be levied to move to another location, if this is not paid then the photo booth will either remain in situ to be used as per the terms of the booking or removed with no refund of charges.

8.The hirer accepts that any injury or damage caused to the hirer or any guest of the hirer due to their use of the photobooth, it is not the responsibility of  www.booth-events.com, but is at the hirer or their guests own risk

9. www.booth-events.com reserve the right to cancel the booking if the deposit is not paid before the date of the hire or the booking form has not been returned before the date of the hire as agreed at the time of booking

10. www.booth-events.com reserve the right to limit the number of guests permitted into the photo booth to a maximum of 4 at any one time, the attendants decision on this will be final.